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5 tips for learning graphic design| Informal Education

In recent years, many people have decided to leave behind that job that brought them down the street of bitterness or those studies that were going nowhere. They have taken a change of course to completely change course and focus on the activities and jobs that really bring them.


Of course, this has caused a certain “boom” in certain sectors, especially in the most creative ones. Many people have reached that key point in their lives when they decide to start creating and living from it, but before starting to propose budgets to clients to charge for creative works, you have to prepare yourself and, above all, you have to know how form.


We are going to help you get started in creativity, especially so that you know what it takes to learn graphic design. Are you fascinated by the idea of ​​giving shape to those disconnected ideas that some people propose, are you interested in creating spectacular posters or images that leave the world speechless? You still have a long way to go, but the first step is to read what we are going to tell you.

1 – The study never ends

Not one graphic designer has ever woken up one morning and said “I already know everything there is to know about design”. It is totally impossible. In addition, you have to start with quality training, with proposals such as this master’s degree in graphic design, because knowing a couple of programs and a couple of tools is not enough. You have to specialize.


You can start with basic online courses, even some free ones, and polish with advanced and paid courses such as this master’s degree. Once you finish, continue. Keep studying, keep exploring and keep experimenting. Keep learning.

2 – Do not hesitate to be inspired by others

Having your own style is important, as we will see later. But do not cut yourself at any time and be inspired by the work of other designers or creatives. Study their techniques, see what they do, capture what they do and learn from it all.

This exercise is something you should do frequently, because it will help you discover new ways of capturing ideas, coming up with designs, playing with colors and, ultimately, creating. Over time, you will also see that what you do begins to be born from certain specific currents, from the authors that you like the most. Congratulations, these “innocent shoplifters” are helping you find your style.


3 – Prepare for criticism

One day an idea may come to you, you capture it and think that you are facing the best thing you have ever done in your life. It may be true and you have done something unmatched. But most likely it is not like that and you have fallen into the “in love with the creative”.

It is better that you do not let yourself be too captivated by your works. Yes, enjoy them and explore their positive side; but be prepared for criticism and take it on. The best way to learn is by listening to what’s wrong with what you do, not just thinking about the good. If nobody tells you what you are wrong about, it is impossible for you to correct it and improve, and the sooner you get used to this, the sooner you will improve as a professional.

4 – Shape your style

A designer must know how to adapt to different currents of style, and it is logical considering that you have to look for inspiration in others without shame to learn. But, never forget that you also have to create your own stamp, something that identifies you. Or what is the same, you have to build your style.


For that, in addition to practice, you have to study even more those influences and currents that are closer to what you like and what comes out when you start creating. You have to educate to taste, because that’s how you can best build your own style. So, and experimenting, of course.

5 – Creativity is also trained

The idea of ​​having a moment of divine inspiration sounds great, and it’s something that can happen on occasion. However, talent is only achieved through practice. Creativity is like a muscle in our body, it must be trained with some consistency if we don’t want it to lose strength.


Therefore, an artist must be constant, must be practicing as much as possible. Establishing a routine is ideal, because it helps to experiment, refine technique and try all kinds of ideas. In addition, it comes in handy when working with clients because, if something characterizes the graphic designer, it is that the commissions that come to him are always for yesterday.


The work of the graphic designer can be sacrificial, but at the same time it is something of the most fruitful and rewarding. Remember everything we have explained to you and, above all, emphasize practice. So you can be the designer you always wanted to be.

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