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Aleem leaves for UK to meet Tareen

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MP Abdul Aleem Khan left for the United Kingdom to meet estranged party leader Jahangir Tareen who is undergoing medical treatment in London.

Khan took a flight from Islamabad International Airport to London on Wednesday morning.

The focus of the meeting will be the evolving political situation and his contacts with the legislators.

On Monday, Khan, a former Punjab minister and a close aide of the prime minister, announced joining the group of MPs led by Tareen.

In his press talk, Khan stated that Tareen had played a massive part in the party’s rise to power and the posse had held a meeting to send the message that he had not been “forgotten”.

He also lamented the fact that Tareen was later sidelined. “Many people [within the party] do not understand why this happened. All those people who worked for Naya Pakistan alongside the prime minister, why were they ignored? There is no answer for this,” he said.

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