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As a teacher, quickly regain strength over the weekend or vacation

Six simple points to follow without exaggeration can change your life. The teachers are incredibly lucky because they only work until noon and then have free time. At least those who have never worked at a school and had no teachers in their family are convinced of this. As a teacher, quickly regain strength over the weekend or vacation.

In fact, the teacher’s working day is unregulated and is not limited to lessons: writing syllabi, training, filling out numerical documentation, educational work – the list goes on and on. And still, need somewhere to take time and energy for family and household chores.

Chronic fatigue is one of the causes of burnout. And as you know, this problem is one of the most pressing for our profession.

How to have time to regain strength during a short weekend? If you are also asking yourself this question, then some effective tips will come in handy.

No cleaning and minimal housework

Usually, for most of us, the morning of the weekend begins with cooking for a week, washing, ironing and cleaning the house. In household chores and is a valuable day off. And in the evening the feeling of even more fatigue than during the work week!

Is it possible to unload yourself somehow? How to carve out time to really relax? Make a list of the chores you usually do on the weekends. Divide it into small items, each of which can be implemented for a maximum of one hour in the evening on weekdays. And evenly distribute these tasks throughout the week.

For example, on Monday, plan to iron things, on Tuesday – to clean in the closet, on Wednesday – to cook for a week, on Thursday – to vacuum, and on Friday to wash the floor and dust. Having done all these things on weekdays, you will be able to free up time for rest on the weekend.

Limit time to perform routine tasks

Of course, it is quite difficult to redo all the household chores during the evenings in the middle of the week, so sometimes there are still some important tasks for the weekend. In order not to prolong their performance for the whole day, try to spend precious time as efficiently as possible. Psychologists even advise setting a timer or alarm clock for self-monitoring.

For example, if you need to clean the closet or wash the windows, mentally determine how much optimal time it can take. Set a timer and start working, do not be distracted at this time by extraneous matters (telephone conversations, scrolling social networks, etc.).

If you still fail to complete the scheduled work during the scheduled time, but you can pause it, allow time to complete it on another day. Be sure to stop after the timer signal. This approach will discipline you and increase your efficiency.

Be sure to plan your vacation

 How do you want to spend them: reading a book, going to a coffee shop, taking a walk in the fresh air or going to another city? In order not to regret the wasted time, be sure to plan in advance how you will spend your vacation. Firstly, it will really allow you to choose the best option, and secondly, you will feel positive emotions even from the anticipation of pleasant events or trips.

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It is well known that in order to work as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to maintain a balance between work and leisure. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly create not only to-do lists but also to write down vacation plans for the near and long term.

Give up gadgets!

Or at least minimize their use. The habit of constantly being in touch and “on the topic” of what is happening around, according to psychologists, provokes stress and a number of anxiety syndromes associated with phone addiction.

Pointless internet surfing causes a depressed emotional state and interferes with a full rest. So during the weekend, it is useful to make a habit without having to touch the smartphone for several hours. Do a similar experiment for yourself, and you will be able to feel much more energetic than usual.

Follow the routine of the day

Many of those who are used to starting their morning very early on weekdays, on the contrary, try to get some sleep on weekends and get up almost at noon. However, according to doctors, it is not only not good for the body, but also harmful.

You have probably noticed that after waking up late, you do not feel cheerful, but rather broken. The realization that the long-awaited weekend is already half over, in general, immediately worsens the mood. And the desire to do something disappears altogether.

So, to get some sleep, on the eve of the weekend it is better to go to bed earlier and get up at about the same time as on weekdays. This way you will feel that not only have you slept. But you also have enough free time that you can use to your maximum advantage.

Spend an hour actively

On the weekends, be sure to take time out for walks, socializing with friends, and at least a little exercise. All this promotes the production of endorphins – substances that reduce stress and improve mood. And physical activity (gymnastics, swimming, jogging, etc.) improves blood circulation in the body and helps to saturate the brain with oxygen. It increases efficiency and activates mental activity.

a good teacher, like a mother, can make the whole world happy. True, provided that they themselves feel inspired and full of energy. Take care of yourself and do not neglect rest time to regain your strength.

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