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Undoubtedly, we all accept and admire that education leads us towards success. It shapes our behaviours and eradicates deviancy from us. In addition to that, there are certain skills that nature has provided us but we are not enough capable to know and identify our strengths. It is education that polishes all those skills and also makes us capable to identify and use those factors effectively. Nowadays, the purpose of getting an education has been shifted from learning to earning. Pupils are forced by their families to join the department which has great benefit. Families completely do not care about the interest of students in that department or not. It puts pressure on students and they leave their studies in between. Another case which becomes the cause of students leaving their study in between is poverty. I have seen many students who were extraordinary in their studies however their poor financial background has compelled them to say goodbye to their studies and start labour working to earn some money. Unfortunately, our leaders since 1947 till now have never sincerely thought about poor people, they have just enjoyed their possession and collected wealth for their families as much as they could. In order to bring prosperity in this country, it is conditioned to uplift poor families education and increase the literacy rate of this country, otherwise, the current change goes on where peace is defined as the break between two blasts or attacks. The authorities are requested to pay heed to the gravity of such enormous issues. Only those who possess good money will be able to get a good education, others will be stagnant in government schools. A good education is directly dependent on having robust money.

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