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Office paper everything you need to know about it when running a business

Although most people pay more attention to choosing a printer, for example, choosing the right paper for the company is also important. In this way, you can make your work easier and ensure the appropriate reputation of the company.

Why is it worth taking care of good paper in the company?

  • What to look for when choosing office paper? Important parameters
  • Paper grade
  • The degree of whiteness
  • Size
  • Grammage

Choosing the right paper for your business tasks is not a complicated process. However, it is worth knowing what the different types of paper are, as well as their function in everyday office matters.

Why is it worth taking care of good paper in the company?

Choosing the right paper for the office is not only limited to verifying the recommendations of the printer manufacturer. The type of paper used in the company influences, for example, the perception of it by contractors and customers. The most important documents that require a handwritten signature should be printed on the highest quality paper, which will emphasize the importance of the meeting between contractors. It is also worth taking care of good paper on the occasion of occasional prints, such as a diploma or certificate.

The choice of paper can also be an expression of the company’s environmental policy. Recycled ecological paper, which comes from recovered waste paper, will be a sign that the company is environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is worth taking care of documents in the office, and choosing the paper according to the needs and purpose.

What to look for when choosing office paper? Important parameters

When looking for the right office paper, there are four basic criteria that distinguish different types of paper. Belong to them:

  • Paper grade,
  • Degree of whiteness,
  • Size,
  • Paper grade

The paper class is the most general division that allows you to see the quality of the paper used in the company. The division into three classes is a basic distinction that carries the rest of the information about paper.

The highest class is marked with the letter A, which means a high level of whiteness and a smooth surface. This type of paper is durable and perfect for printing important business documents.

Class B means a material of a slightly lower quality, although at first glance it is difficult to notice the difference between A and B class paper. However, it is enough to look at two pages in the right light to notice the difference in structure and color.

Class C is the so-called economic class. It is the cheapest, but the difference in the level of white is clearly noticeable. Typically C grade paper is yellowish or shades of gray.


One of the most important aspects of choosing office paper is the grammage. This parameter represents the weight of one square meter of this product. Thicker paper is more durable, but before buying, it is worth checking what paper weight is recommended for a company printer.



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