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Plastic bottles are the biggest source of plastic pollution in the world. Although the availability of water and drinks in every location is due to plastic bottles, the price that we have to pay for this luxury is just too high.

Plastic bottles litter the landscape reducing the beauty of every place. The plastic does not decompose and will remain in the soil for decades if not forever. Plastic bottles will eventually disintegrate into microparticles. These microplastic particles are filling the ocean and are consumed by aquatic life. It is estimated that 20% of sand is composed of microparticles across the world beaches. Microplastic particles can also become airborne and be inhaled into the lungs.

Therefore I would request the Government of Pakistan to implement a glass bottle or reuse of plastic bottle policy. Under the policy, plastic and bottled products will cost Rs2 higher. When the customer returns the plastic bottle to the shop they will get their 2 Rs extra tax returned to them. Similarly, if anyone else returns the plastic bottle then they will also get the amount. If not, the tax is paid to the government for cleanup costs of plastic bottles.

Companies would be allowed to reuse bottles, as long as the bottles are double washed and steam sterilized. While companies would be encouraged to use glass bottles instead of plastic, as glass bottles are more long-lasting when reused. While pharmaceutical products using glass bottles would be allowed to charge 5 Rs extra in their retail price. Companies would also be asked to collect the non-usable or damaged plastic bottles, that would be converted and used to manufacture electricity outlets and switch boxes or used as plastic addition for road construction or used for plastic brick and tile manufacturing, under the guidance of the government’s plastic waste utilization coordination office.

Such a policy would reduce or end the use of plastic bottles in the food and pharmaceutical industry, reduce import cost of plastic composite, reduce plastic pollution and increase glass manufacturing plants in Pakistan. Glass bottles are manufactured from local materials while plastic is imported.



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