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Royalty for Academia and Alumni Representation in Governing Bodies

Sadism in academia is real. It is like Cancer slowly damaging the body from within. When the benefactors see their beneficiaries growing bigger and stronger, both socially and financially, they start comparing their progress & achievements with that of their beneficiaries. It’s just not the teaching faculty but also the support staff that unconsciously and very slowly drifts towards the dark side. For quality education, highly motivated teaching and support staff is critically required.
In the light of this, it is proposed that a database of teachers, staff, and students be maintained whereby the contribution of each teacher and staff in the development of a student is recorded so that a minimalistic percentage of these students’ earnings be given to their teachers and staff members as monthly royalty in the future.
Secondly, in furtherance of the objectives of creating a knowledge-based society and a knowledge-driven economy in Pakistan, all universities must have (their own) Alumni in the Governing Bodies. Alumni can help a great deal in enriching the academic experience of the student body and become their role models. They can help in their recruitment efforts and further academic pursuits within or outside Pakistan.
It is important to mention here that it is in the personal interest of all Alumni to see their Alma Mater grow and prosper as they are judged and ranked in a society based on the reputation and perception of their university. The development of a positive perception of their respective universities in their social and professional circles will add great value to their profile and image. Hence, it is a win-win model for both universities and their Alumni to meaningfully engage with each other and work closely to improve the ranking and reputation of their universities both locally and internationally. Hence it is humbly proposed that all Universities and Schools in Pakistan may be directed to have at least 50% representation from the Alumni Body in their Governing bodies. Also, the Governing Bodies of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) should have at least 50% representation from universities, where these students have to be consumed so that they can keep a check on the quality of education at the grassroots level.
Burhan Rasool
New York

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