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What sort of content is on air these days? Does broadcast media really illustrate our Pakistani culture? What can be the future of such generation which get grow to catch a glimpse of such programs on television which unearth the tale of hate, love affairs and all about indecency in the shape of films, dramas and shows? Who can deny the enduring vulgarity through programs and shows on television and social media let it be a religious, political, social or economic talk? Indeed, these all things portray the impression and existing crises of a country. Is love an existing matter of our nation? What can be expected from such a mentality? At least, this is outrageous to predict that it will transform the destiny of the nation.
Noam Chomsky, a renowned American linguist, says “He who controls the media, controls the minds of the public.” Obviously, media has direct influence over human behaviour and recreations. Moreover, the scenario of today is entirely changed from yesterday. Today, the writers and drama producers are cementing altogether juvenile concepts of love in young minds. Hence, such generation can’t conduct better practically because they too get prey to what they have inspected throughout on media.
Who can neglect the Western and Netflix series expressing the portray of history, advanced business, scientific development, future of the world, culture and above all, novel technologies? The difference is cleared through glancing at their and our overall scientific, educational, technological, and economic development. Indeed, we are far behind. The Pakistani drama industry used to be one of the best in the nineties. No doubt, the writers and producers have yet tremendous excellence, but the chosen subjects are not the favorite. Obviously, there is the greatest controversy of subjects or motives between Western and our serials. At times like these, when people are touring to space and planning for migration to Mars, on one hand, Pakistani media is yet educating through drama serials about love affairs on another hand. Notice the difference.
The media is overall about to expose the current issues and developments, let it be social, regional, international, educational, economic, religious, political, cultural, scientific or technological. The media is an inspirational door to make the psyche better. The media industry creates a tremendous consequence on the young generation. However, young offspring is the backbone of a country. Accordingly, when young Pakistani age falls in devilish standards, so what fate of nation should be imagined. It is high time to recognize the purpose and responsible function of a media and act accordingly. It all relies upon the variety of subject produced by it. Pakistan is encountering plenty of challenges and they need to be picturized to boost awareness among the masses. In the current information age, television plays a meaningful part. Indeed, it is alas to proclaim that Pakistani serials are far behind as Pakistan is a so-called banana republic. Albeit, it can be aimed that the novel transformation into our serials and shows can influence a heap into the society to bring a modification and prosperity once again. As it has encouraged evolution in the west. The entertainment industry needs to produce serials or films on modern and ethical motives. It is high time that writers, characters and directors must perform their skills and excellency in a reasonable way. The government must take action against the concerned authorities which produce immoral and disgusting presentations on outrageous and nasty content.

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