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Zumba benefits, tips and songs to dance and play!

Playing with Zumba: the benefits it brings, valuable tips and examples of musical pieces, all to encourage you!

Even though we all know exercise is good for us and we should exercise, many people don’t get much pleasure from it. Zumba is so much fun and joy that you forget that you are even exercising, because exercising can (and should be) fun!

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the benefits of these exercises and suggest some dance songs.

The creator of Zumba is Alberto Perez from Colombia. Zumba is a dance-based fitness exercise that has become one of the most popular fitness workouts around the world.

The irrefutable fact is that Zumba’s popularity contributed to the fact that many people (especially women) lost weight quickly.

Zumba is easily addictive, thanks to the incredible joy that you feel when you dance to the rhythm of cheerful, lively music. Good music, dancing together with friends, it all makes Zumba a pleasure.

Therefore, we will offer you a few pieces of music that will encourage you to practice at any time.

Zumba: health benefits and more

Zumba is a complete exercise kit to help you achieve your sports goals. It includes exercises for almost all parts of the body that should be included in your training plan.

The main benefit of Zumba, due to the fact that it is an aerobic exercise, is an increase in the heart rate and thus rapid fat burning and weight loss.

You can burn about 800 calories in single classes, and advanced exercisers lose even more.

Zumba combines fitness exercises with often complex choreographies, but with a little practice, the body easily succumbs to the movements of the dance. Dancing is a great way to coordinate movement.

While some people do not have coordination problems, some do not do well and may feel awkward or awkward in dancing. If you are one of the latter, zumba can help you to liquidate your movement and make you feel more at home and more confident on the dance floor.

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Zumba is also a great way to improve your physical condition and tone your muscles. Exercise affects many muscle groups, so regular classes will allow you to see the results very quickly.

Systematic exercise, scientifically proven, improves mood and mental condition. During training, endorphins are released, such as serotonin, which affect your well-being and are a natural antidepressant. The anti-depressant effect of Zumba results from the combination of joy, dance energy and lively, cheerful music.

Zumba also offers social benefits for you. During the classes, you can meet many people and make friends. This facilitates the naturalness it unleashes in the people of Zumba.

However, if you don’t have time for classes, you can also dance at home. There are many kits you can find online; and you don’t need any special equipment, apart from music.

Tips for dancing

One tip is to learn the lyrics of the songs you dance to while singing while practicing. This will make it easier for you to get into the beat of the music and make you even more fun.

After a few classes, it will no longer be a problem for you to dance to the beat and your movements will be much more natural.

While the number of Zumba steps is limited, there is no limit to the number of hands. Therefore, especially when you are exercising at home, do not limit your movements, be creative and feel the freedom that dance gives. Dancing is fun because you can experiment with movement!

Zumba is an energetic, intense dance that affects numerous muscle groups. Therefore, it is worth using the advice of a specialist beforehand to assess whether there are any contraindications for your body to practice these exercises.

Dance songs

Here is a list of sample home exercise sets:

  • Best of Exhilarate
  • Best of Exhilarate 2
  • Incredible Beats Vol 1
  • Incredible Beats Vol 2
  • The Best of Zumba: GH Edition
  • Follow the Party Edition
  • Party Nation: World Music

If you like to make your own layouts, you can of course create your own playlist of music tracks.

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